Landing Gear

Apph has been designing and producing landing gear systems for many years, supplying airframe manufacturers worldwide.

The company supplies landing gears for military aircraft including helicopters, fighters and trainers, civil airliners and business jets. APPH’s Product Development provides the design expertise to make these gears a reality and some typical examples are…

SAAB Gripen

An advanced fighter flown by the Swedish Air Force, where APPH designed and manufactured the complete Nose and Main Landing Gear Systems.

Hawk Trainer

(BAe Systems) flown by the Red Arrows Display Team, has been the RAF’s leading jet trainer aircraft for many years. APPH designed the Hawk landing gears and continues to produce them for export customers, while supporting existing customers.


A multi-role helicopter designed for military, maritime and civil roles can carry 5 tons of cargo, 27 troops or can be used for Search and Rescue. APPH designed and manufactures the main and nose landing gears for this aircraft.

C27J Spartan

Manufactured by Alenia Aeronautica, is a twin-engined transport aircraft where APPH designed and currently manufactures the complete main landing gear system – a complex gear design that retracts into a very compact space.

Many other APPH landing gear designs have been incorporated into other civil aircraft, where examples include the SAAB 340, SAAB 2000, Jetstream 31, 32 and 41.