The basic guideline for all our company’s activities and services is attaining the maximum satisfaction from our customers, leading their expectations, and providing the highest added value for our shareholders with the maximum satisfaction and involvement of all our employees and suppliers.

HD UK decisively commits to an organization clearly focused on its quality excellence and competitiveness through the continued improvement, in order to offer a high-quality product and outstanding services.

The accreditations are:

EN 9110
EN 9100 and ISO9001
CAA Part21J
CAA Part 21G
CAA Part 145
EASA Part 145
FAA – Repair
NADCAP chemical processing and NDT

Saab Civil Approval
BAE Approval
Leonardo Approval
Airbus helicopters approval

Our Values

At HD UK we believe in providing employees with a strong entrepreneurial culture that will guide them towards our common goals. Our culture is defined by four fundamental values, which we call the 4Rs.


in the quality of individual relations with customers, colleagues, suppliers and the Corporation.


for quality delivered to our customers, fairness in dealings with each other and continuous process improvements.


obtained for employee achievements, from colleagues, customers, and the Corporation.


or the ability of employees to demonstrate flexibility, openness, and ingenuity with customers and among themselves, and tenacity in the joint pursuit of our customers’, employees’ and company’s successes.