APPH Nottingham has an extensive CNC machining capability that includes three multi-axis mill-turn machines and advanced machining centres to provide everything from dynamic balancing to large-capacity grinding, horizontal and vertical honing, turning and milling.

Components are produced for landing gears, including pistons, axles and torque links as well as airframe equipment including nacelle structures and engine mount assemblies. The company’s aero-engine experience includes impellers, casings, bearing housings and vortex reducers.

The facility’s process, assembly and test activities include frequency testing, hardness testing (Brinell and Rockwell), alochrom conversion, fluorescent penetrant detection and freeze assembly (bushes and tubes).

Accuracy is checked on large capacity coordinate measuring machines and as specialist suppliers of match-ground assemblies, APPH Nottingham can manufacture to geometrical tolerances of less than 0.00001″.