Aerospace Filtration
Performance, reliability, space and weight are all critical to aerospace filtration design, Héroux-Devtek – Bolton offers the perfect solution. We specialize in the design and
manufacture of filtration systems for aerospace applications including aero-engine fuel, lubricating oil and hydraulic systems. As a leading supplier to Rolls-Royce, Héroux-
Devtek filters can be found in almost every Rolls-Royce engine currently flying across the globe in both civil and military applications.

Disposable Elements
Suitable for a wide range of fluids and operating conditions, our filters are available as single or multi-media construction depending on the application. Media options include various grades of cellulose paper, glass fiber, woven wire cloth, and HTK.

Cleanable Elements
Used extensively where extremely fine filtration is not essential, these combine simplicity with robustness. Available in stainless steel, monel or brass, they provide long life without need for replacement.

Ultimate Protection Filtration
Available in a wide range of materials, these are supplements to the main filtration system. Through their proximity to vital components they provide the final opportunity for protection in all types of systems.