Design & Development

In many ways the APPH Runcorn Engineering Division forms the heart of our organisation. It is here that ideas originate, innovative solutions are explored and systems are tested and certified.

Working in close partnership with clients, APPH offers a fully comprehensive service that covers initial concept through final design to lifetime engineering support. Solutions include landing gear systems, flight controls and hydraulic system assemblies for both civil and military aircraft.

Whatever the project, the aim of APPH is to evolve answers to the challenges facing the aerospace industry over issues such as performance, weight, reliability, maintainability and cost of ownership. To ensure the customer’s design targets are met, APPH design and stress engineers work as an integrated team for each project.

A good example of this is the program for the SAAB JAS39 Gripen Advanced Combat Aircraft, where APPH designed, certified and manufactured the entire landing gear system including struts, stays, retract actuators, the electro-hydraulic selector and the steering control valve.